From Start to Finish

The process of immigrating to Canada can be challenging; with changing rules and regulations that make it more difficult than ever to apply for a Canadian visa, it is essential that your application is handled appropriately from start to finish. The last thing you want is to have your case refused because of a simple misunderstanding that could have been avoided. Knowing which documents are needed when, where to file specific information and correct responses to government requests all require detailed knowledge at several different levels of the Canadian immigration process. Nearly a quarter of a million immigrants come into Canada legally each year. Why not you?

Why Get a Lawyer to Help with Immigration?

Many of our clients are busy professionals, with little time to wade through the exhaustive documentation required to deal with the government red-tape of getting a visa or a work permit. We have helped literally thousands of people immigrate successfully to Canada; living and working, playing and studying in this beautiful country – and we can help you, too! While there are no guarantees when it comes to government processes, you will certainly have a jump on the process by having a trusted and well-versed immigration lawyer on your side throughout the course of the application process.

There are two main categories of immigration into Canada: temporary residence and permanent residence. Temporary residence includes the following options:

  • Work permits – If you have a job offer in Canada, this is the correct visa for you
  • Study permits – Required for students who are foreign nationals
  • Visitor or temporary visas – Required in order to take a vacation or visit family and friends

There are many more categories of permanent residence options for Canada:

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications – This is for people who are already living in Canada, but who lack legal status
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program – Many individuals are able to immigrate to Canada strictly on the basis of their personal credentials
  • Business Immigration – Got a business idea to start or invest in? This is the immigration path for you
  • Sponsoring your Family – Permanent Canadian residents or citizens are allowed the ability to sponsor a family member to join them
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PMP) – Be selected to settle in one of Canada’s various provinces

Get an Assessment

Getting an assessment of your specific immigration situation is the first step towards getting on Canadian soil, so contact us today so we can discuss your immigration options and eligibility with you.