Your Real Estate Partner

When you need a solid real estate law partner, think of Phoenix Law LLP. Whether you need advice and documents on the sale and purchase of residential or industrial properties in the Toronto area or around the world, we are here to support you through a wide range of services related to real estate. We help clients buy and sell condominiums and houses every single day, and know how to wade through the many details that can be found in traditional real estate transactions.

Working with Phoenix Law LLP provides you with the benefit of years of experience as well as unmatched attention to detail from a caring and dedicated staff. Our end-to-end services include: mortgages and refinancing, title insurance, condo status certificate review, and agreement of purchase and sale review. We have been providing real estate law to satisfied sellers and homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and offer a wide range of personalized services that help you meet all necessary legal requirements for your unique needs.

Our strong client relationships allow us to fully evaluate each transaction to ensure that you are getting the maximum possible benefit every step of the way. We can help you find benefits and tax credits, especially for new homebuyers, that you may not have been familiar with or aware of. Just a few of our service offerings include:

  • Title Insurance – When you are entering into real estate contracts, having title insurance is one of the most important elements of your transaction, as it can smooth over a variety of problems such as title errors and omissions, survey defects or previously-unknown liens that come to light during the discovery period. Title insurance protects you and the transaction, allowing your transaction to continue just in case a problem surfaces
  • Mortgages & Refinancing – Even if you’re refinancing a current property, you need a mortgage lawyer to assist you in registering your mortgage
  • Condo Status Certificate – When you plan to purchase a condominium for resale, making sure that your offer is conditional upon review of your condo status certificate is vital. We will walk you through every step of this process
  • Agreement of Purchase & Sale – Phoenix Law LLP is with you every step of the way, assuring that your agreement doesn’t leave any escape clauses or loopholes to the other party. We thoroughly review all documents to assure they are as favourable as possible before you move forward

When you need trusted, secure, timely and accurate real estate lawyers in Toronto, turn to Phoenix Law LLP. Contact us today to get started with your next real estate transaction.